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4G/LTE RAN Protocols

  • ITU-R, ETSI, 3GPP Standards Releases
  • Service – QoS, Bearers, QCI, TFT
  • Journey of G’s with KPI’s Achievements [Theoretical]
  • Vendors, Operators, Suppliers, Users, FCC, TRAI, Bands for LTE in India
  • Access Stratum Protocols
                Frame Structures, TDD, FDD, OFDCMA, SCFMA, Resource Allocation, Turbo Coding, Antenna Ports, Ref Signals, UL, DL, PHY Channels{UL and DDL}, TTI, Transport Block                    Frequency, bandwidth, Key Parameters, Resource Block, Channel Mapping, CQI, PMI, RI, Beam Forming, Transmission Modes, MCS, PHY Channel Processing,
              Idle Mode Procedures – Cell Selection, MIB, SIB Decoding, Timing Calculation of MIB, SIB, Others SIBs, Cell Reselection, PLMN Selection, Measurements, RNTI’s, RACH Connected Mode Procedure – Major Configurations, Release, Reestablishment, Reconfiguration, Handover Introduction, IRAT-HO, Intra-LTE Handover, Mobility from EUTRA, CSFB, SRVCC             VoLTE, NAS Basic Attach Call Flow, Measurement, UE Capability, Security, Redirection, NACC, Timers, Constants, Message Formats, Encoder, Decoder, UL InfoTransfer, DL InfoTransfer, Paging, DRX Configuration, Timers – T300, T301, T302, T304, T305.. Expiry Actions and Stop Actions
              Channel Mapping UL and DL, Scheduling – SPS, Dynamic, DRX, BSR, MAC Control Elements, Timing Advance, MAC PDU, transport Block, HARQ Process, TTI Bundling, MAC Reset, MAC PDU ——–Decoding by UE, LCID, LCG, Priority of User and Channels, Scheduling Request, PHR, RACH, CQI Reporting, Throughput effects, CQI Reporting Types
             AM, TM, UM, ARQ Process, SN Handling, TX and RX, Segmentation, Concatenation, Re-assembly, Re-segmentation, Buffering, UL, DL Configurations, State Variables, Constants, parameters, Timers, Polling, Re-ordering, Re-transmission Threshold, RLC Reset
           Security, Integrity for Control and User Plane, Ciphering for User Plane, PDCP Sequence Numbering, PDUs and Formats, Short MAC, RoHC Profiles and Compression of the Headers, Constants, Parameters and Timers.

LTE and 5G NR is a Hot and Latest Trending course of 2020 and Beyond course in the electronics and computer space for the engineer’s to develop and make an outstanding and permanent career, which doesn’t involve dynamic confusion thinking about which trending course at your intermediate stage of career, where many mid level professionals are facing trouble. This is not just  a course, but the foundation for the development of Next Generation Innovative product solutions.

Reach the most exciting career and professional journey from the entry level and become highly praised in the industry. Telecom companies need more and more engineers who are capable to show case especially in the current trend i.e., on wireless technology space. LTE is the most successful technology in the cellular wireless space which is the foundation step for the upcoming career on 5G NR Technology. Candidates who can get adopted tp LTE can easily learn 5G technologies to be updated in the current trends towards the industry work. Companies needs needs lot many Developers and Testers in this space.

iSignal Research Labs is the unique in India in providing the outstanding career for the younger generation in the wireless space both in development of the protocol stack which is high demand with unlimited opportunities for the next 10 Years. Come and make a mark in the industry with the support of Industrial veterans and experts in 4G and 5G Fields.

Eligible Audience:

1. B.E/B.Tech Freshers/Core Interested Graduates from ECE/EEE/EIE/CSE/CS/ET Back ground

2. MSc Electronics, MSc Computer Science, MCA which are interested to go in Wireless Software Fields

3. Participants from Academic professions in the  ECE/EEE/EIE/CSE/CS/ET, planning to shift in the Wireless Software Field.

4. Working Professionals from Wireless like RF, KPI, OAM, Configurations, back ground or 

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