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5G NR(gNB) RAN Protocols

1.        4G Quick Recap and Migration Towards 5G  – 1 Hr

            ·    4G Enhancement Features from LTE/LTE-A/LTE-Adv Pro towards 5G Vision

2.        Why 5G?  Overview of 5G and Global Status   – 5 Hrs.

.    Need for 5G and its KPI targets

·         5G Business Use Cases – eMBB, MTC, URLLC

·         Application Use Cases for eMBB, MTC, URLLC

·         5G Deployment Options

·         5G Core Component Architecture and Interfaces

·         Network Slicing and Virtualization Introduction

3.        5G RAN NSA Architecture  – 4Hrs

·         Overview of NR and technology enablers : Access Side

·         RAN Architecture changes from 4G and 5G, CA, EN-DC

·         CA Vs EN-DC in details

·         EN-DC Call Flow

·         3GPP Release 15 Specification overview for both NSA and SA Deployment

4.        PHY Layer Design 38.211/212/213/214/215    — 10 Hrs

·         Numerology, FS, Slots, SFI, TDD Configurations, FDD, 5G bands

·         BWP, SSB, CoreSet, REG, Point A, Supplementary Uplink

·         Massive MIMO and Beam Forming for 5G

·         DCI formats, 4G vs 5G

·         Frame structure, Bandwidth Part, SUL, Mini Slot, Self-Contained Slot

·         Reference Signals: PTRS, DMRS, CSI-RS, SRS

·         Synchronization Signals : PSS, SSS

·         PHY Channels, Measurements

·         PHY Channel Processing Chain

·         Throughput Calculation in 5G

5.       RRC Layer Design (38.304, 331) – 8 Hrs.

·         4G vs 5G Configuration Changes

·         RRC Messages: Resume, Suspend and others

.       RRC Confguration, Information Elements {IEs} for vaiorus messages

·         Measurements, Events, L3 Filtering, Report Configuration

·         RRC Procedures

o    UE Initial Access

o    HO Scenarios

§   Inter-gNB-DU Mobility for intra-NR

§   Inter-gNB-DU Mobility using MCG SRB in EN-DC

o    RRC connected to RRC inactive transition

o    RRC inactive to other RRC states transition

o    RRC connection reestablishment

o    UE Initial Access procedure involving E1 and F1

o    RRC inactive to other RRC states transition

o    F1 start up and cell activation

o    Bearer context release over F1-U – gNB-CU-UP initiated

6.        MAC Layer Design (38.321) – 5Hrs

·         5G – MAC Architecture

·         5G –MAC Service

·         5G – MAC Function

·         Mapping of Transport channel and logical channel

·         MAC CE’s 4G vs 5G

·         MAC RNTI’s 4G Vs 5G

·         DL-SCH, UL-SCH HARQ Entities 4G vs 5G

·         LCP, BSR, PHR, SR Configurations – 5G

·         PDU Formats, SDUs – RAR, DL-SCH, UL-SCH PDUs

·         Activation/Deactivation of Secondary cells

·         Supplementary Uplink

7.        RLC Layer Design (38.322) – 2 Hrs.

·         Compare LTE, RLC and 5G RLC

·         5G—RLC Architecture

·         RLC modes – TM, UM, AM

·         5G –RLC service

·         5G –RLC function

·         Data available for transmission

·         5G RLC Entity Handling – establishment/Re- establishment/Release

·         5G RLC Procedures

o    Data transfer Procedure

o    ARQ Procedure

o    SDU Discard procedure

o    Retransmission, Polling,

o    Status Reporting

o    Reestablishment Procedure

o    Segmentation, Reordering

o    5G-RLC protocol data Unit

o    5G RLC Formats and Parameter

8.        5G PDCP LAYER DESIGN – 38.323 2 Hrs

·         Compare 5G PDCP with LTE PDCP

·         5G PDCP Architecture

·         5G PDCP Service

·         5G Function

·         Data Available for Transmissions

·         5G PDCP Layer Procedures

o    5G PDCP Entity handling-establishment/reestablishment/release/suspend              

o    5G PDCP Data Transfer

o    5G PDCP States Report

o    5G PDCP Discard

o    Ciphering and Deciphering

o    Data Recovery

o    Header Compression – ROHC

o    PDCP Duplication

o    Activation and Deactivation

o    Duplicate PDU Discard

o    Integrity Protection and Verification

o    5G PDCP Protocol data Unit

o    5G PDCP Formats

o    5G PDCP Parameters

9.        5G SDAP LAYER DESIGN – 37.324 – only with 5GC Interactions 1 Hrs.

·         SDAP Introduction

·         5G SDAP Architecture , Structure and Entities

·         5G SDAP Service – To Upper and from Lower Layers

·         5G Functions

·         Data Available for Transmissions

·         5G SDAP Layer Procedures

o    5G SDAP Entity Handling – Establishment/Release

o    5G SDAP Data Transfer  – DL and UL

o    QoS flow to DRB mapping

§   Configuration/Reflective Mapping/DRB Release

o    RQI Handling

o    5G SDAP PDU – Data/Control

o    5G SDAP Formats

§   Data PDU without SDAP Header

§   DL Data PDU with SDAP Header

§   UL Data PDU with SDAP Header

o    5G SDAP Parameters

10.        Log Analysis HANDS-ON — 2 Hrs.

·         Wireshark Log Analysis:

o    VoLTE Log analysis of 4G

o    NAS Call Flow Analysis

o    SRVCC Log Analysis

·         Log Analysis Close to 5G NR

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