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iSignal Academy

iSignal Research Labs is here to help the young generation to get acquainted with the tools and techniques used in the industry and be industry ready to give the real world solutions to the end customers of iSignal Research Labs. Use the fullest of the knowledge base and the existing resource and tools to become an expert programmer and work on most essential industry oriented projects to gain the working experience. To show case your real worth, being working in real time project is at most essential, Which can be achieved if you can imagine and work on real scenarios and come out with the solution.


Primarily focuses on Research and Development on the Wireless Products specially focus on 4G/LTE and 5G/New Radio Technologies. We work on Protocol Stack Prototypes for NR in both NSA and SA Mode of Deployment of the New Radio Technologies. We are in progress of University Collaborations in and around India for aspiring M.Tech/Ph.D Candidates to come and learn the Various Projects related to 5G Emerging Technologies like mmWave, BeamForming, Massive MIMO and LDCP Codings for publication support. We conduct Corporate Workshops as Regular Programs on Tools availability of respective organizations.

We Provide Best Class of Competency in the Wireless Protocol Stack Development along with the Development project on LTE and 5G NR on Link Level and System Level Simulation for PHY NR Stack Development. We involve the participant who involve in the building of the entire base station for the 5G Technologies.

In-House Regular Training's

  • C, C++, Advanced Data Structures, Linux System Programming
  • LTE[4G]/NR[5G] Protocol Stack Development and Testing.
  • Multi-Threading and Algorithm Design
  • Protocol Stack Design and Development Projects Layer by Layer [MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC and PHY, SDAP, NAS]
  • Project Learning of the Protocol Stacks with the help of hardware on practical learning, 

Workshops at University Colleges

  • C++, Advanced Data Structures, Linux System Programming
  • LTE[4G]/NR[5G] Protocol Stack Development and Testing
  • Multi-Threading and Algorithm Design
  • DSP for Wireless Communication Systems like 4G and 5G.
  • Embedded Systems & RTOS with Practical Applications
  • SoC Front End and Design, Verification and Validation

M.Tech Intern Projects

  • 4G LTE – UE Stack Development
  • 4G LTE – eNB Stack Development
  • 5G NR – UE Stack Development
  • 5G NR – gNB NR Stack Development

Key highlights

We Encourage Graduates who are from ECE, ET, EEE, CS background and passionate about career aspects can plan ahead of the industry requirements related to wireless and Learn Indepth about the 4g/5g Protocol Stack Development along with working on real time project with real hardware/Equipment which does phone calls and Browsing the internet supporting 4G Technologies and to work on the 5G development to join the Wireless Community.

  • International Standards Training
  • Unique in Layer Specific Development Training for 4G and 5G Base Station
  • Specialized in L2[MAC, RLC, PDCP] and L3[RRC] Training
  • Can target Jobs for india and International Markets and Product Companies
  • Create your own Product after the Training
  • Can work with product companies for core Development Project

Training, Interview tips will be given to meet the company expectations, as a part of topic Explanation

  • 4G and 5G Feature Development
  • M.Tech/Ph.D Research projects Support 
  • Graduation Mini Projects
  • Development
  • Placement Assistance
  • Mock Tests and Interview