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Essential C++ Programming

Basic “C++” Course Contents:

  • Introduction to OOPS Concept
  • Different between OOC, OOAD, OOPS, OOP
  • Class, Object and Their Interactions
  • OOPS: Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism
  • C++ Way of Implementing OOPS:
  • Constructor, Destructor, References Vs Pointers in C++
  • Overloading: Function overloading, Operator Overloading
  • Copy Constructor, Overloaded Assignment Operator comparision,
  • Conversion Operator, Friend class, Friend Function, const member function, static
  • Overriding: Virtual functions, Pure Virtual Function, Virtual Destructors
  • Inheritance: Multi Level, Hybrid, Hierarchy, Multiple Special cases in inheritance
  • casting: static_cast, const_cast, dynamic_cast, reinterprest_cast
  • RTTI, typeid, Exceptions – try, catch, throw
  • Introduction to templates, Class Template and Function Template Practical Projects and Learning

Advanced “C++” Course Contents:

  • Introduction to STL
  • vector, list, map, multimap, set, multuset, dqueue
  • Iterators, Algorithms in detail with programming for all the data structures
  • tuple,shared_ptr, auto_ptr, weak_ptr
  • functional, algorithm, regex

With the back ground and the improvements needed in the C programming, There is a need to write the robust code along with achieving super fast coding considering portability and the performance w.r.t to the platform architectures like ARM and Intel CPU to understand the architecture and the languages better. C++ is the most popular and essential language for the companies of any time for beating the other programming languages like Java, C#, when it comes Hardware debugging, or talking to hardware or fastest performance of the code.

Come and start to code to understand the practical insights of the C++ and its applications in various fields like kernel drivers, gaming, device drivers, embedded systems, protocol stacks, Artificial Intelligence to name a few.

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