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Company Profile

iSignal Research Labs was founded in 2017, henceforth called as ISRL with a vision to take part majorly in R & D and Product innovation in cellular wireless division. ISRL has been taken an initiative to create the products in wireless space specially in 5G domain, to give the solutions in the telecommunication Industry and to support the younger generation in growing their careers successfully. To enhance the future of young generation, ISRL has been set-up a specialized R & D in providing solutions to various universities and academic partners in various electronic and computer domains, such as Embedded, Digital Signal Processing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, and Deep Learning expertise Fields for various business Use cases targeting Indian and International Markets.

Who Are We

We are Top Notch Experienced Professionals having overall 15+ Experience in their respective domains with good intensity in the innovation of Product Development

Our Vision

To Be the Leader in the 5G Space to touch both Indian and international markets, on IoT, Embedded, DSP Systems and providing R & D Solutions in Signal Processing Domain.

Our Mission

To contribute Wireless solutions to the society in Telecom Space specially in wireless. To be Unique chooser in Competency Development for corporate, academic and R&D space for next generation 5G and 6G solutions

Our Core Values

Core Values

Our Key Focus Areas

System On Chip



Digital Signal Processing

SOC-training -Marathalli

Embedded Systems