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LTE/5G Dev Projects

SOC-training -Marathalli
  • 4G Release -8,10,13,14 Air Interface Layer Stack Development
  • RLC: ARQ, AM Mode, Re-segmentation
  • RRC: PLMN Selection, Cell Re-selection, IRAT-HO
  • 5G-NR CU, DU, split Bearer, E1, F1, Xn, Options,
  • O-RAN , 5G  Release-15,16
  • OAI5G, srsLTE Projects, openLTE
  • End – to – End 4G and 5G Lab Setups {EN-DC NSA mode}

5G Research

Radio-Waves-Wallpaper-Gallery (1)
  • Signal Processing in Wireless.
  • mmWave,  LDPC Coding
  • Adaptive Beam Forming, Precoding Algorithms
  • Massive MIMO, Imperfect, Perfect CSI
  • Sub-6 GHz for various Use Cases


Gaining Industry experience is a real challenging, especially when there is no experience at all. Yet to get experience finding job is crucial. It’s a bitter catch that can be difficult to get around, but an internship can help you in a best manner to achieve it. the main idea over industrial coding insights learning and along with this they will learn how to convert an idea into product. the Major aspect where Students will gain huge learning which is very much practical oriented very close to the industry expectations level

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