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Advanced Data Structures

  • Introduction to Data Strucutures
  • Types of Data Structures: Stacks, Queues, Linked List
  • Stacks[Last In First Out], Queues[First in Last Out]
  • Queue Types: Circular Queue, Dequeue, Priority Queues and Operations
  • Linked List: Singly Linked List, Doubly Linked List, Circular Linked List, and various Operations
  • ADS: Tree, Binary Tree, BST, Red-Black Tree, AVL Tree, Balanced,Unbalanced tree
  • Searching Techniques:Linear Search, Binary Search, Hashing[in details with collision scenarios]
  • Sorting Techniques: Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Radix Sort, Quick Sort
  • Merge Sort, Selection Sort,Heap Sort,Depth First Search, Breadth First Search
  • Finite State Machine and Design
  • Operations on (A)Data Structures: Insert, Delete, Search, Sort, Merge, Count, Display, Loop
  • Time Complexity: Big O(n), Theta(n), Omega(n)
  • Algorithm Design and Development Tips and Tricks
  • Coding Standards, Inspection and Guidelines for Best Coding Practices

                               Now a days we are more fascinated about the applications of data structures and algorithms. isignal academy like to introduce this course for the people who are interested to dig deeper into the data structure and algorithms with the main focus on choosing the data structures and algorithms considering CPU performances like time complexity, space complexity which is crucial in designing the software systems. we focus all the programs in the Linux environment for the candidates to become comfortable with the same which will be much more helpful from the career standpoint to become independent and confident in applying the concepts and dealing directly with the system hardware which involve multi-core CPUs.

Kindly note, the programming focus is not C programming for understanding the basics and in a simplified manner, but it is equally applicable for the C++ programming and can be experimented as per the C++ Programming rules.


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