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C programming

C is an ever green language in the
industry which always have some scope of work in the industry. The main concern
about ISR Labs is to take care of the practical approach to transform student’s
life to wards the industry ready Engineer, who can turn themselves into an
exprienced programmer with in short time and give the solutions to the industry
in a simple and best way possible.Advanced Data Structures is the at most best
interview, where the experts from the industry are interested in. Specially
when it comes to the design aspect from system Design view, Data Structures
choosing is a critical decision.

  • Data Types, Constants, variables,Keywords, Operators
  • Compilation Process, RAM Program Analysis, Memory Layout,Essential Constructs includes
  • Conditional Statements, goto,Looping, Sequential Statements
  • Function, Call by Value, Call by Reference
  • Pointers[single, double pointers], void* pointer,
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Arrays[1-D,2-D,3-D], Strings and its manipulation,
  • Library Functions,User Defined Functions, File handling, function pointers,
  • Structures,unions structure variables, structure operaions, Self Referential Structures
  • Bit Operations, Storage Classes[Static, Extern,Register, auto]
  • Qualifiers[const, Volatile, enum #define, typedef],
  • Complicated Declerations
  • specially involving arrays and pointers, and function pointers
  • Basics of Logics, Complicated Logics, Idea to Solution Projects
  • Practical Projects and Learning


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