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Linux System Programming

  • Introduction to Linux Environment
  • Users, Groups, Permissions, owner, everyday commands
  • Linux: Programmer view, OS view, User view, OS services
  • Shell, Terminal, User Mode, Kernel Mode, system calls vs API’s
  • Linux Booting Sequence, Modules of Kernel and their data structures
  • File Management: Basic I/O Calls, Standard I/O calls, file descriptor, inode, ioctl,fnctl
  • Process: State diagram, fork, exec, Memory Layout in RAM, the Kernel Flow 
  • Process Control Block, Creating Process, Types of process(Zombie,orphan,deamon)
  • Scheduler, throuput,context switch for Processes
  • Signals: Signals, User and Kernel Signals, Kernel and User Signal Handlers 
  • Threads: Introduction to Threads, Types of threads and Thread Models
  • Concurrency vs Paralellism vs Multithreading in detail
  • Process Vs Threads, Multiprocessing vs MultiThreading
  • Core vs CPU and Task set affinity from command and from Program
  • Types of Communication: Message vs Stream Oriented, 
  • Half duplex vs Full duplex, connection vs Connectionless
  • IPC Techniques: Pipes, Named Pipes, Shared Memory,Message Queues[POSIX]
  • Synchronization, Communication, Mutual Exclusion,Atomic operation, Race Condition
  • pthreads programming,semaphore, mutex, condition variable
  • Deadlock Prevention,concurrency, lock free algorithms, spin lock
  • Tips and Tricks for Multithreading Design

                           Know the evolution of the opensource programming with Linux and the popular projects you can try in the Linux environment specially from the career enabling Protocol Stack Assignments in the companies, like Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Mediatek, and others who work extensively in the Linux environment for the development of the stack. connect, work and collaborate anywhere with the possibility of the Linux programming. Understand fully the Linux operating systems from the application development view and become independent in handling the Complex software systems confidently. This program can boost up and will make you unique from the crowd in the company employee wherever you go and lead your work.

What you are thinking..!! Start your excitement journey of the Linux System Programming and becoming inspirations to the companies by show casing your capacities and capabilities.

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