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Network and Socket Programming

  • Introduction to TCP/IP and Basic Network Protocols
  • Basic Terminology: Packet, buffer, delay,pragma, endian,bit-fields,packing
  • Alignment, forced boundaries, the platform affect
  • Client and Server Model, UDP,TCP Modelling
  • Circuit switched vs Packet Switched
  • Basics of Socket and Socket Programming
  • socket(),bind(),listen(),connect(),accept()read(),write()
  • Speciality of select() system call and Socket options
  • Concurrent Server[Multiple Processes vs Multithread]
  • Concurrent Server[TCP vs UDP],Packet Processing
  • Programming Concurrent Server – Process, with UDP and TCP
  • Programming Concurrent Server – Threads, with UDP and TCP
  • Programming Daemon Server: A Practical Approach 
  • Practical Projects and Learning

The Communication Systems has changed extensively in the couple of decades, both in terms of human life transformation and also, from the technical aspects specially from the remote communication stand point. This remote communication help in making the applications running in the servers to communication easily with the help of the communication protocols like TCP, UDP for the data to be transferred from on Computer to other irrespective of the programming language. In the curriculum, we first introduce the network concepts, from the TCP/IP Protocol stack. we then focus more on the programming aspects on how to code and make sure about its working from the two Linux system communicate with the help of C programming. Then we drive through simple projects to try put intro practice at work.

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